So, as you see, new captcha plugin is in action and doing well. Just uploaded version 0.2 – added admin page where one can see three numbers – generated words, failed and correctly inserted captchas. We’ll see how it behaves with real-word bots in longer term. Opensource rocks!

Only one thing disturbs me, namely if no correct word is inserted, plugin error is displayed, and if back-button is pressed, some browsers clean all form, some leave all previous data in, and whats worse – some reload captcha image (and that’s good) as others display old image, witch is ofcourse not correct anymore…

Edit: Human-reader? Please post a comment, is it easy-to-use-captcha?

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2 Responses to Exaptcha

  1. Admin says:

    Interesting, at the moment there is 647 generated captcha-codes and 13 failed insertions, no correct ones, too hard for humans or more likely many bots and few failed tries?

  2. Urmas says:

    And still kicking 😀

    Generated: 4243
    Failed: 199

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