Gentoo: authdaemond marker line not found in /etc/courier/authlib/authmysqlrc (probably forgot to run sysconftool after an upgrade)

Long time no C.

Somewhat interesting day, made some updates to server and suddenly, errors on logs

Mar  8 10:49:19 myserver authdaemond[1078]: marker line not found in /etc/courier/authlib/authmysqlrc (probably forgot to run sysconftool after an upgrade)
Mar  8 10:49:19 myserver imapd-ssl[1166]: LOGIN FAILED, method=PLAIN, ip=[::ffff:xx.xx.xx.xx]

As I also just switched to new gcc, first thoughts were to revert gcc and also net-libs/courier-authlib versions, but no help. Google also didnt have much about it.. turned out, that at some point ( in my case for courier-authlib/courier-authlib-0.69.0 ) /etc/courier/authlib/authmysqlrc file got such change, that it must contain at the end:

# Do not remove this section from this configuration file. This section
# must be present at the end of this file.

As I reviewed file, I saw only changes for settings which were not important to my server and I ignored comment changes, I got hit by this error. Yeah.. from one side – configs have to be checked carefully, on the other hand.. maybe better wording in error, could help it solve in a better way?

Updated also my wordpress engine, so first post over long time with new code:)

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