“Is it payday?” released

Great news, it is released and available to everyone!


And another great news – version 1.1 is on the line getting ready – added widget and changed some texts (including title of the app). Internally refactored businesslogic placement (moved out from Activity, to allow widget to use same engine to calculate payday)


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Excited, publishing first app in Google Play

My first app – IsItPayDay, is currently in Pending status on Play. Very excited. Has been about 2 days, from upgrading studio, started new project, got core running, almost cried when first time tried add “preferences” to app and then figured out, that this is something like 30min-work, registered as developer and now waiting when app gets published. O boy!

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Google Developers Console, API Credentials

Mental note to self: if changing API Credentials (adding Authorized redirect URIs or allowed IPs).. give a minute to changes to take effect.

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Google+ API and Communities

Uh, about two weeks ago I got an idea to write little webpage which would create additional layer upon G+ community and would ease moderation (cheking posts against rules as much as possible) but after few hours work and running examples… I discovered that this API doesn’t include communities.. whatta sad story. Once it was enabled, but not anymore.
There is open ticket

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KDE Neon5 project, running it in VirtualBox

I had a problem when tried to run latest Neon5 iso. Got such result:


To get resolved this problem, I tried change many settings, and finally got the one that really mattered: VM Settings -> System -> Acceleration and there disable “Enable Nested Paging” :


After installing, when installation iso is removed and new machine is ready to run, enable it again, because otherwise virtualmachine would be notably slow. At least so it was on my computer.

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So, as you see, new captcha plugin is in action and doing well. Just uploaded version 0.2 – added admin page where one can see three numbers – generated words, failed and correctly inserted captchas. We’ll see how it behaves with real-word bots in longer term. Opensource rocks!

Only one thing disturbs me, namely if no correct word is inserted, plugin error is displayed, and if back-button is pressed, some browsers clean all form, some leave all previous data in, and whats worse – some reload captcha image (and that’s good) as others display old image, witch is ofcourse not correct anymore…

Edit: Human-reader? Please post a comment, is it easy-to-use-captcha?

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WordPress auto-update

Just did that, it is AWESOME!

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Install rdesktop 1.8.2 on Ubuntu 14.04

For some reason, this package hasn’t yet arrived to Ubuntu’s repositories, but if you are hardcore everyday rdesktop-user, you know, that 1.7 doesn’t play well with newer windows servers. So, I took steps.

$ sudo apt-get install libgssglue1
$ wget http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/pool/main/r/rdesktop/rdesktop_1.8.2-1_amd64.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i rdesktop_1.8.2-1_amd64.deb

* step1 – I didn’t have libgssglue1 package installed, but rdesktop 1.8 needs it, so I installed it. Also, if you have some other dependencies missing, install it. dpkg will tell about it.
* step2 – url for package I installed. If you have some other archidecture, you can find your package here https://packages.debian.org/sid/rdesktop
* step2 – and install the downloaded package.


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Linux kernel: Hide Processes From Other Users

Just learned clever trick – use hidepid mount-option to hide processes from other users. Useful when managing shared servers. And it’s available since 2011 (patch released 2011, appeared in kernel 3.3 at 2012)!

Try it out on live system

$ mount -o remount,rw,hidepid=2 /proc

Add hidepid= and gid= mount options. hidepid=0 means classic mode – everybody may access all /proc// directories (default). hidepid=1 means users may not access any /proc// directories but their own. hidepid=2 means hidepid=1 plus all /proc// will be fully invisible to other users. gid= defines a group authorized to learn processes information otherwise prohibited by hidepid=

If ready to make change permanent, add line to /etc/fstab:

proc    /proc    proc    defaults,hidepid=2     0     0
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KDE: when activities are messed up

Got into strange situation yesterday.

I was poking some exotic key-compinations like alt+everything and ctrl+everything and <super>+everything, as suddenly all windows wanished. Whatta..!?

It turned out, that it was <super>+S that stopped my current activity. But as I’m not acivity-user nor fan of it (virtual desktops are good and enough for me) I wasn’t sure what I see or what I can do. Opening Konsole I saw, that my processes were still running, so it wasn’t some mysterious X- or gpu-crash.

As I suspected, some activity trick it might be. I removed one as I had two of them. Nothing. Then I changed task-manager, that it would show windows from other activities. YESS… there they were, but ofcourse – not usable.

You think, that you could find some mythical options like:
* transfrer all windows from other activities to current one? No!
* Move all windows to… ? No!
* Eerm.. fix activity state? No 🙁
* Would relogin or restart fix it? No :((

So I removed for first thing activity* files from .kde4/share/config. No help. But then, as programmer I thought, that there should be some relation between objects “activity” and “window”.. and seemed that .kde4/share/config/kwin… file contained it. Deleted it and after relogin – GREAT SUCCESS! All session-saved windows were back to default activity.

Day is saved again.

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