Linux Mint installation dvd asks username and password?

Downloaded and tried to install Linux Mint 12 today.

After burning DVD and booting up it in my laptop I got username and password prompt in graphical interface. At first I tried mint/[no password], mint/mint, install/[no password] and so on and on. Even tought that maybe it asks user and password of existing installation on disk. After that I tried search installation manual but no reference to username and password. So.. whatta hek?

but after lots of googling I found this and got next idea to check md5sum of iso and burned disk. but..

How to checksum already burned DVD?
Okay, before I got to DVD I already discovered that iso on disk is not good anymore, md5sum was different from that was said on Mint’s page. But how did that happen, as I already controlled iso and it WAS ok!? Problem was that during download computer crashed, and later I started new download before I discovered that old download was resumed by firefox. Anyway.. smth was broken. Third DVD was already success:)

but back to question. You can check your iso file md5 by running command (note, this is correct iso)

$ md5sum linuxmint-12-gnome-dvd-64bit.iso
548f0ac303fea840ef138e5669880a74  linuxmint-12-gnome-dvd-64bit.iso

to check already burned DVD or CD, you must know the size, as for one way I figured out. With “ls -l” you get 1066518528, and now it must be divided with 2048 as block size: 1066518528/2048=520761

# calculate md5sum on invalid file:
$ md5sum linuxmint-12-gnome-dvd-64bit.iso 
86788cd20f20f1f370c833c650c16838  linuxmint-12-gnome-dvd-64bit.iso

# check md5sum of DVD
$ dd if=/dev/cdrom4 bs=2048 count=520761 | md5sum 
520761+0 records in
520761+0 records out
1066518528 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 125.79 s, 8.5 MB/s
86788cd20f20f1f370c833c650c16838  -

why is this impotrant, or why you can’t just sum whole device? Some additional burining info is added to DVD…

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