Postfix, virutal users and password

So weird as it is.. I tried to find a way, how regular user could change his password and got no answer.

I have system set up like this:,_Courier,_Squirrelmail_and_Spamassassin

All email-users are virtual and kept in mysql database. There is no commandline tool nor webapp support for this stack which would give to regular user way to change his password.

Superuser (root) can change password in this way:

authtest oldpass newpass

Does anyone know easy way how to change password in database postfix uses? Next I’m trying to do, is to create additional plugin for roundcube.

Things I tried to search from google:
* courier-authlib change Cleartext password
* postfix admin (cool thing :
* postfix virtual users “change password”
* .. and many more

Edit 9.apr 2011
Found a way, how to do what I needed! You must enable password plugin in RoundCube, and edit following two variables

$rcmail_config['password_db_dsn'] = 'mysql://[dbuser]:[pass]@localhost/[database-name]';
$rcmail_config['password_query'] = 'UPDATE users SET clear=%p WHERE email=%u AND clear=%o LIMIT 1';

where dbuser and pass is for database where virtual-users for procmail are held

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