Let’s go!

So, here it goes. This new blog has three main purposes and reasons which, as it turns out, I was not able to manage on other places.

Lots of code
In years I have developed lots of code and still creating new scripts weekly. Sometimes I need to create new thing and trying to find good implementations and references from older scripts, but that’s a lot of work to do if you must search from ten computers and from tens of directories. So, one way is to hold good and useful ideas in one place. Same applies to “linux commandline onelines”, sometimes used once in year, but every time need lots of searching.

WordPress, to ease management
I tried manage OpenSSL-GPU page as standalone html, but got tired. So, to concatenate flexibility of changing and ease to get users responses I choosed wordpress as new platform to create new site to hold and manage some pieces of code and scripts.

I’m still thinking, that “out there” is only one search engine – Google, but as it’s grown and many people wants to get something, it has changed more demanding.

So – I tried Google’s adsense for year, even hoped soon to see first paycheck, as Google closed my acount. No reasons.. no feedback. I tried to fight but no results. In the same time I understand Google – there are millions of users .. can’t deal with all of them.

I created new acount, hoped to avoid some mistakes I made and hoped it works. It took a week, and Google closed my account again. Message was little different, but all I could figure out, is that Google likes original content (even tough I see every day lots of pages with copy-paste materials and adsense banners near, and that makes mad..).

So, this blog is partly to create what google wants – original content, and partly what I need to hold some code and articles .

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